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You've probably never hung a door or shingled a roof. That’s why problems are scary. We share concepts, terminology so you can make smart decisions about your home ... with confidence!

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How we live at home is changing. More people are working at home, there's home schooling and we’re integrating indoor & outdoor spaces as we spend more time at home. Get ideas for your home.

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With Pinterest, Houzz and so many shows about home improvements, it's natural to have a wish list. We share our ideas, your homeowner stories and support you in achieving your dreams.

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Your home is a huge investment when you buy it, plus monthly operating costs like utility bills. We help you spend less, get more value & build homeowner equity (like a savings account).

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Stack Effect & Home Ventilation

illustration showing how outdoor air enters a house towards the bottom & escapes higher up

Your home's indoor air isn't as clean as outdoor air. Home ventilation using the stack effect insures the air inside your home is exchanged with outside air.

Here's an example of the stack effect that's easier to understand. You know when you light a fireplace smoke is created. The smoke goes up the chimney based on the stack effect, unless you've forgotten to open the damper which we've all done. You know that warm air (with the smoke) rises from air buoyancy, because warm air is lighter. [Learn More…]

8 Wood Rot Repairs Your Home Might Need

wood rot repairs aren't optional & should be done as soon as possible, before the damage expands & drives up repair costs
Wood repair is one of the most common home repairs because your house has a lot of wood. Most (not all) wood rot occurs on your home's exterior when your home gets wet and water doesn't run off or evaporate. While some home repairs might seem optional, you'll save money by making wood rot repairs as soon as you find the problem. [Learn More…]

What is Drip Edge & Why It’s Important

drip edges helps protect the wood structure under your roofing shingles

Drip edge is the flashing that protects the edges of your roof, both the eaves and the gable ends. It is required by the 2012 International Building Codes (IBS) for shingle roofs, and you should make sure that it's properly installed with any new roof you get. Optional for years, drip edge is now required by the International Building Codes. This is great because it protects the wood structure underneath your roofing shingles, an area of the roof you can't see [Learn More…]

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Rooms at Home

Create a Perfect Bedroom that Encourages Restful Sleep

bedrooms are for sleeping so you want to consider how many windows like the three small windows over the headboard, so you create a perfect bedroom for sleeping

Sleep is one of the fundamentals of life, so if you're not getting enough sleep, these tips will help you create a perfect bedroom for sleeping. We stay up too late, set our alarms too early, and spend far too much time feeling tired during the day … but you can change that! 

These tips can help you arrive at a better night’s sleep. [Go Explore…]

Tips to Installing a Swing Set

installing a swing set isn't trivial so plan your schedule (at least 2 full weekends for larger sets) accordingly

Your kids will love any swing set, big or small …

Swing sets are a popular spring project for families with young, energetic children with energy to burn. Installing a swing set is not difficult but it does take more time and patience than most people realize. Home owners should be realistic in estimating how much time they need to assemble the swing set and [Go Explore…]

When Your Shower Door Leaks: What To Do

shower door leaks are one of the most common homeowner problems & water damage is often hidden making it hard to find & fix problems quickly

Bathrooms and specifically showers and bathtubs are prone to leaks. Do you have a shower door that leaks? Maybe the corners of the glass enclosure leak every time you take a shower?  If you answered yes, you may have water damage on your walls, baseboard or the floor outside the shower.  The problem and solution to shower door leaks may be less complicated than you think once you learn about the new solutions for a frameless shower door. [Go Explore…]

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Home Aspriations

10 Easy Fire Safety Tips for Your Home

fire truck parked on street

Hopefully the only fire you'll ever see in your home is one you start in your fireplace. But sadly the fire statistics in the US remind us that we need to stay focused on fire safety tips to keep you, your family and your home enjoying the lifestyle you've worked so hard to achieve.

There's a reason why smoke detectors are required in every home. And new homes must hard wire detectors so when one gets triggered by smoke, all the detectors in the house go off. If you're still not sure this problem is important, we've got statistics below to show you what's happening across the US. [Start Dreaming …]

Which Paint Brushes Does a Homeowner Need?

paint brushes on display at lowes in port st lucie, floridaFor great painting results, make sure you use the best paint brushes and paint you can afford. It will make the time you spend painting worth it and you'll get to enjoy the results for years.

Painting is one of the most popular decorating projects used by homeowners to give their home a new look. Painting just one room or sometimes an accent wall, can totally change the look of a room. To make sure you love the results, we want to give you tips on the paint brushes that [Start Dreaming …]

Building Costs, Carpentry and Corners?

Building costs are closely tied to the number of square feet in a house. As the size of a house increases, the cost per square foot goes down as you're now able to spread the costs. Things like excavation, the foundation and exterior envelope, heating and cooling systems are more cost effective when shared across more square feet. [Start Dreaming …]

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Saving Money

Why Your Insurance Company Wants to Inspect Your House

homeowner finance covers much more than the mortgage, taxes & insurance that are considered when buying a home

When you buy a house, your lender asks for proof of insurance. They also require an appraisal that supports the purchase price, What has always surprised me is neither the lender or the insurance company require a home inspection or ask for the report. And I never understood why my State Farm agent would personally take photographs before issuing coverage.

So I was surprised when a reader told me her insurance company inspected her home years. She asked for help so here's what I've learned talking to my personal insurance agent plus research online [Save More…]

Condo Insurance: Facts You Need to Understand

condo buyers need to learn about their condo insurance before they buy it

With the cost of new home construction going up, more condominiums are being built with shared land that makes homes more affordable. Are you're buying your first home or first condominium? You'll want to learn more about the condo insurance you're buying to make sure you've got the right coverage in case of an emergency.

Condo insurance isn't the the same as the insurance you get for a single family home! [Save More…]

Letter to Allstate: Time to End Gender Bias

This article is meant to change the culture at Allstate, and other corporations like them, that to date do not recognize the gender bias built into their business processes. I have been treated respectfully by my Allstate insurance agents. Sadly they have little/no influence on changing the way Allstate's software applications are implemented.  [Save More…]

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Owning 12+ houses through the years working for I've Been Moved (IBM), gave me lots of experience to share about what works, and what doesn't. Then I settled down to live/work in one place, and started a handyman business (8 years, 2,000 homeowners). I discovered my passion for helping women learn to manage their homes with confidence. So let’s connect and create the house you've always dreamed of!

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