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You've probably never hung a door or shingled a roof. That’s why problems are scary. We share concepts, terminology so you can make smart decisions about your home ... with confidence!

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How we live at home is changing. More people are working at home, there's home schooling and we’re integrating indoor & outdoor spaces as we spend more time at home. Get ideas for your home.

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With Pinterest, Houzz and so many shows about home improvements, it's natural to have a wish list. We share our ideas, your homeowner stories and support you in achieving your dreams.

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Your home is a huge investment when you buy it, plus monthly operating costs like utility bills. We help you spend less, get more value & build homeowner equity (like a savings account).

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Refrigerator Sizes: What They Really Tell You

refrigerator sizes should tell you how much storage capacity you're getting ... but it doesn't!

Several years ago I did extensive research on how to buy a refrigerator. I wrote several articles to share what I learned with savvy homeowners. Imagine my surprise when I recently learned I missed a very important decision factor. I learned that advertised refrigerator sizes aren't what you think! [Learn More…]

10 Low Maintenance Building Materials that Save Time

We work hard all week so it's not surprising that more homeowners are looking for solutions that reduce the amount of time needed to maintain their homes. When you combine this goal with plans for home improvements, using low maintenance building materials makes a lot of sense. You might also benefit from less time needed to [Learn More…]

Tips for Buying House Building Materials

many house building materials like the lumber & electrical wiring seen here, aren't visible once a house is finished constructionWhen buying a house we focus on location, views, the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. We rarely think about the house building materials that went into the construction of the house, besides the granite countertops, hardwood floors and other visible features.

When you build a custom home or tackle a major remodeling project, you take more time to learn more about building materials. This can be challenging [Learn More…]

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Rooms at Home

Forget Man Caves: 4 Woman Cave Ideas

your woman cave can be a nook, a room or a cottage in the backyard ... wherever you can create a space just for you!

Forget the man cave, a woman cave (or she shed) is what you want. And there’s a big difference. Where the typical man cave is filled with manly things, a woman cave is filled with whatever makes you happy. It doesn't even have to be in the basement. If you love all things pink and fluffy, that’s great. But feminine doesn’t mean frilly; there are many ways to create a woman cave [Go Explore…]

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Home Aspriations

How to Declutter Your Home in One Day

After celebrating the year end holidays, it's not unusual for our homes to feel cluttered. So it's no surprise that January is national organizing month with lots of tips to help you declutter your home. And if you realize that clutter contributes to stress, you know but might not want to admit [Start Dreaming …]

Calculating How Much Paint to Buy

Buying paint is easy, but you've got to figure out how much paint to buy. You have to know the condition of the walls, ceiling and/or trim you'll be painting, and whether you need a coat of primer first. You also want to include enough paint for touch-ups later on. This is true whether you're hiring a professional painter or plan to do-it-yourself. [Start Dreaming …]

Barn Red Brightens Up the Countryside

this barn is more of a fire-engine red than the classic barn redBarn red is a color most people recognize. But why red? Why is red traditionally used for painting barns?

First you want to ask yourself, why paint a barn in the first place? It's just a house for animals. Why go through the trouble? A lot of people think you paint a barn or house to make it pretty but that's wrong. [Start Dreaming …]

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Saving Money

Property Taxes: What You Need to Know

if you can't deduct property taxes from your federal return, will that influence where you buy a house?

Buying a house used to be simple. Most realtors told you it's all about location, location, location and for many years this was true. That's because “… You can buy the right home in the wrong location. You can change the structure, remodel it or alter the home's layout but, ordinarily, you cannot move it. It's attached to the land,” according to TheBalance.com … [Save More…]

How to Clean Siding for 6 Common Materials

you want to greet your friends & neighbors with a house that loos great, so it might be time to learn how to clean sidingSpringtime. It’s the season for airing out the house, washing windows, scrubbing floors and all-around general cleaning to clear off the last bits of winter. But home maintenance means more than cleaning the inside of your home. [Save More…]

Housing Industry Trends 2018

housing industry trends were the focus of the 2018 Design & Construction Week

The largest housing industry show occurs at the beginning of each year, and this year it was held in Orlando, Florida. Design & Construction week combines several shows to introduce housing industry trends to the world's builders, remodelers [Save More…]

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How to Create Your Dream Home

Have you got a long list of projects that never seem to get done? We're here to help you prioritize what needs to get done now, along with tips to create your dream home and the lifestyle you want. Our free report will help you remember what's really important, what you loved about the houses where you’ve lived.

Owning 12+ houses through the years working for I've Been Moved (IBM), gave me lots of experience to share about what works, and what doesn't. Then I settled down to live/work in one place, and started a handyman business (8 years, 2,000 homeowners). I discovered my passion for helping women learn to manage their homes with confidence. So let’s connect and create the house you've always dreamed of!

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