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You've probably never hung a door or shingled a roof. That’s why problems are scary. We share concepts, terminology so you can make smart decisions about your home ... with confidence!

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How we live at home is changing. More people are working at home, there's home schooling and we’re integrating indoor & outdoor spaces as we spend more time at home. Get ideas for your home.

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With Pinterest, Houzz and so many shows about home improvements, it's natural you've got a wish list. We share our ideas, your homeowner stories and support you in achieving your goals.

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Your home is a huge investment when you buy it, plus monthly operating costs like utility bills. We help you spend less, get more value & build homeowner equity (like a savings account).

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Tips for Ordering an Exterior Door

Every door starts with a basic door and from there you add sidelights, transoms and other trim
Front doors play an important role in a home's curb appeal. Whether plain or elegant, every exterior door begins with a basic door at the center. From there you can upgrade a door's style by adding features like sidelights and curved transom glass above the door. Regardless of which features you add (or don't), [Learn More…]

4 Low Maintenance Siding Options

a new coat of exterior paint will enhance your home's curb appealAdvances in building materials mean homeowners have more choices in low maintenance siding that needs minimal care. Siding is what protects your home from the elements – the hot sun, howling winds, water in many forms plus extreme temperature changes. We can't change the weather but [Learn More…]

Exterior Paint a Great Home Improvement Idea

a new coat of exterior paint will enhance your home's curb appealFall is the time when most of us begin to roost; to settle in for winter and prepare for the holidays on the horizon. You might already have a fall maintenance or home improvement schedule, and that’s smart. If you're undecided about your next project, exterior paint is worth considering. [Learn More…]

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Rooms at Home

Rethinking Our Homes: Spare Bedroom Ideas

we need our master bedroom & bedrooms for our kids, but maybe there are spare bedroom ideas to enhance your life at homeWhen searching for a new house, one of the first questions you get asked is how many bedrooms do you need? This question probably makes perfect sense for young couples planning a family. For others, the question is often less about sleeping and more about spare bedroom ideas  [Go Explore…]

What are Balustrades?

balustrades are used frequently for safety on stairs and balconies

While spend more time indoors and get outdoors when the weather is nice. New houses have decks, patios and sometimes balconies. Where safety is a concern, building codes require the use of balustrades or railing systems. [Go Explore…]

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Home Aspriations

Christmas Decorating Ideas to Save Money

one of my favorite Christmas decorations is this sign that lights up saying BELIEVE! ... and I keep it in my office all year so maybe my Christmas savings are spread across 12 months>

Most people assume they're going to spend money, lots of money … during the holidays. There are gifts to buy plus food and new Christmas decorating ideas you want to try. So it's heartbreaking to read about parents who are forced to make trade-offs between healthy food, medicine and gifts they think their kids need. [Start Dreaming …]

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Saving Money

True Cost of Home Ownership


Buyers focus on the mortgage but it doesn't tell you the true cost of home ownership. With your first home, you compare your mortgage payment to the rent you've been paying but wait, what expenses were included in your rent? [Save More…]

What’s the Right Down Payment on a House?

what if you only needed a 10% down payment on a house, and someone else matched with another 10%Our world is changing in many ways. Uber is changing how we think about cars, so maybe you don’t need one? AirBnB is changing travel, making overnight trips affordable. Unison is a new disruptive mortgage lender redefining how we buy houses. [Save More…]

Heart and Home: New Hampshire & New York City

Rockefeller Center, New York City

Heart and home – are they always in the same place? Maybe not. When we understand the difference, we can enjoy our homes more while accepting that we need to nourish other parts of who we are. Here's how I reconnect with the city where I was born because everyone wants to go photos of fun doors. [Save More…]

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How to Create Your Dream Home

Have you got a long list of projects that never seem to get done? We're here to help you prioritize what needs to get done now, along with tips to create your dream home and the lifestyle you want. Our free report will help you remember what's really important, what you loved about the houses where you’ve lived.

Owning 12+ houses through the years working for I've Been Moved (IBM), gave me lots of experience to share about what works, and what doesn't. Then I settled down to live/work in one place, and started a handyman business (8 years, 2,000 homeowners). I discovered my passion for helping women learn to manage their homes with confidence. So let’s connect and create the house you've always dreamed of!

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